How to Wear Jeans This Fall-20 Stunning Looks That Are Sure to Turn Heads

Skinny Jeans are not going away that is for sure. They make you look leaner and taller. The greatest thing about skinny jeans in that they show off your shoes and boots as a focal point. All the more reason to check out the new fall shoes at Bloomingdales,Nordstroms, Macy’s, Saks and Barneys this fall.

Skinny Jeans look amazing with a big slouchy sweater. Beige is still a hot color this year for fall as well as black. Fall shoe colors are browns and blacks. Think rich suedes and high-quality leather.

Sneakers can get glitzy this fall with skinny jeans. Silver leather, even white with beige will take you into October this fall. We love the Adidas sneaker in beige and white.

For evening, black spikes or black high heel ankle boots are a no brainer.

Do you have a jean look or a fashion look you want to share. Comment below. Oh! – Please share this article with your fellow fashionistas, and let us know what your favorite pic is here.



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