How To Choose The Best Nude Lipsticks and Nail Polish for Spring

It’s all in your skin tone babes!! Swivel up that tube and hold the whole thing in front of your face. It should make you smile and be happy. If it looks good that way, chances are it will look good on your lips.

Holding the tube up to your cheek lets you see the tone of the lipstick and how it appears with your facial skin tone and hair color.

Same goes for nails. Hold the nail polish bottle up towards your face and chest to get a feel how those two coats of color will look with your overall skin tone.  Our hands are always moving around to different parts of our bodies, and those nails look, “Oh So Pretty” when we use our napkins at lunch to blot our lipstick.

Just like this below

nude lipstick popfashionews 12


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Eye Catching Nail Polish Trends for 2017 and Everyday Real Life- Not On Your Mother’s Pinterest Page

Your nails should fit into your real life.

What’s great about changing our nails is that we can alter our look for whatever mood we are in, and change them up as often as we like. The nail designs we choose extend how we want to feel and look. Going to the salon gives us a little down time to relax and reflect. We leave the nail salon feeling fresh, neat and complete.

Where did Nail Polish Originate?

Nail polish originated in China way back in 300BC. Popular colors in the  Zhou dynasty were silver and gold. Highbrow cultures in Egypt wore rich reds deep browns made of henna, while the lower class set painted their nails with lighter colors.

In the Victorian era of the Western world,  any color on the nails was not accepted as being pure and colorless was the way women were to be. That all changed moving forward to the 1920’s when women came out of their shells and became more rebellious. They started wearing color on their nails and painted their faces with makeup. Celebrity Actress Rita Hayworth made red nail polish very popular from her film Blood and Sand from 1941.

With so many types of nail polish to choose from here’s a rundown on the different finishes

  • Cream polish has no shimmer. It’s very smooth, milky and creamy. It is usually sheer or opaque. Think bone and beige tones.
  • Frosty nail polish finishes are very metallic in their look. The color balance has more frost giving it a high luster book.
  • Micro Glitter polish is thick and more chunky. The glitter particles are larger and the feel of the polish is quite rough in many polishes. 
  • Shimmer nail polish is a subtle polish that can also be sheer. It is a metallic polish.
  • Lustre polish has a pearly finish.The colors are usually white gold, pearl, and silver. It is slightly iridescent and not too frosty.
  • Frost is metallic and frosty. The color is more frost than color pigment. Frost was popular in the 70’s.
  • Duo-chrome is light reflective and has two or more colors in it.
  • Prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer gives a 3-D color effect. Think rainbow and what you see on the back of your credit card on the silver holographic part and you see blue, pink.and white pearl.
  • Iridescent nail polish gives a flashy effect incorporated with another color.
  • Opalescent polish has a pearly finish.
  • Matt polish is flat with no shine.

Fun Fact: Neon nail polish has not been approved by the FDA, therefore you will only see the imported brands on the shelves. OPI uses only approved color dyes in their polishes.

With so many finishes and colors to choose from,  we can change our look in and instant. Do you have a favorite nail style?  If so, please comment below.

Danger Alert: FDA Warns about Temporary Tattoos

What is The Danger About?

Temporary tattoos known as “decal” tattoos can potentially be harmful. The dyes used in applications known as henna and black henna are used to create the designs.

Tattoos are drawn anywhere on the body and can last up to two weeks.Children and teenagers also get these temporary tattoos in increasing numbers, they are not just for adults.

Concerning Applications of Tattoos

The application to place a henna tattoo varies. Some have a removable backing that adheres to the skin with moisture, usually adding water to it, and then applying it to the skin.  Decal tattoos will adhere to the skin.

Some companies sell the decals and state that they can be made with any inkjet, or laser printers ink and then applied to the skin. Clearly, a warning sign to be aware of, especially if you child is ordering from a company that sells tattoo making procedures with printer ink. Printer ink has a lot of chemicals in it and is not an FDA- approved cosmetic.  One such company that sells this is “Decalpaper.”

Allergic Reaction Warnings

An adhesive tattoo may create a partial barrier between the skin and the image dye. Dyes used that are not approved by the FDA for cosmetic uses are a major concern.

There could be an alarming allergic reaction, as henna dyes are not approved for cosmetic use under FDA regulations.

Since henna is naturally an orangey brown, other dyes can be infused with it to make other colors. These colors are known as black and blue henna.  Black and blue henna dyes contain PPD (p-Phenylenediamine), and it is not permitted for use as a hair dye for skin application.

The PPD dyes will show an immediate color on the skin that is more deep and rich in hue. The henna dyes usually take some time to deepen, about 2- 4 days. Both will last 2-6 weeks depending on washing methods.

Henna dyes may not cause as much of an allergic reaction the same way PPD dyes do.  In small children, it can cause a hemolytic seizure event, if the child has red blood cell enzyme deficiency. If the PPD dye causes an allergic reaction, the skin has the possibility of oozing sores and the potential to leave scars on the skin. If this occurs, seek immediate attention to your doctor or emergency room.

Labeling Concerns

Under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), all ingredients on the labels of these products sold to consumers must be visible but are not required if a salon professional is performing the application.

County fairs and street vendors offering these applications do not have to comply with the labeling of ingredients. Many vendors are not aware of the harmful ingredients and allergic reactions that may occur with the tattoos they are applying on one’s skin.

People getting permanent lip, eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos should address their concerns with their salon’s cosmetologist.

Source of information were taken from U.S Food and Drug Administration.

About the Author: Leslie Cohen is Managing Editor for, and Managing Creative Director for iParis, Paris Jewelry, and Elle Jewelers. She is also a fashion blogger at

The Best Brow Looks We Found and The Top Five Products to Achieve Them

Brows have changed shapes over the years. From Pamela Anderson super thin arched brows to the new thicker intense darker brow looks for 2017- see the looks here and the products to get them. My favorite all around brow pencil is from Chanel. The reason I love the Chanel brow Crayon Sourcils Sculptant Eyebrow Pencil for $32.00 it is  the most natural looking product on the market. The pencil is firm, but soft at the same time. It lets you keep layering and stroking for big buildable coverage. I find I can use this product and not have to buy anything else, as your brows will certainly stay put using the Chanel eyebrow pencil.

There are other good cheaper products on the market that work well, but I do notice with the cheaper brands, you have to spend more time using them, and using more than one product from the same line, or another line to get the new thick brow look you desire.

There is NYX Tame and Frame, NYX Micro Brow Pencil, NYX Eyebrow Gel, and NYX Eyebrow Powder.  They are are a good drugstore brand alternative. In particular from the NYX Browline is the 3-in-1 Brow. The brow gel on his is thick and rich, and the pencil is creamy, but can get a little gummy. It also comes with a powder point end for softening.For three items you will spend around $25.00.

Anastasia Brow Pencils are very thin and the pencil is harder. It comes with a spoolie at one end. If you want the thick eyebrow look, you will need to buy more form this line to create a thick look. This pencil is good for creating smaller hairs. The Anastasia Brow Powder Duo and Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel would help you achieve the look, but all of this will set you back over $60.00

The Maybelline Brow Precise® Fiber Volumizer for under $10 is a good affordable choice and can be used alone if you already have thicker brows and just want a little color and density fill in. I suggest using the Eyestudio® Brow Precise® shaping pencil and grooming brush as the pencil is not to skinny and the density is decent. Top if off with Brow Drama® Pro Palette. The kit  comes with with sculpting wax, filling powder, and a highlighter.

Mac Big Brow Pencil is a great choice for thick brows using one product. The formula is mixed with powder and wax and will give you a stay put finish for $21.00.

Revlon Brown Fantasy Pencil and Gel is great for the creamy pencil consistency, and it looks exactly the color on your brows as it does in the package. You will have to keep stroking and feathering the pencil to achieve the thick brow look, but the color pigments on this one is a good choice.

Let is know if you have a great brow product you like and we will check it out and write about it or add it here.

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The Top Beauty Cruelty-Free Drugstore Brands

Target has a wider selection of cruelty beauty brands AS NOTED IN THE  the cruelty free products specialty blog -

CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart all carry some of the brands on the chart. Loreal, Maybelline, Rimmel of London and Cover Girl do test on animals.

So if you are vegan conscious and are looking for more natural products, check out some of the brands at your favorite store.

Macy’s Sales 15% off All Cosmetics- Lancome, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Mac Cosmetics and More.

You  won’t want to miss this. A great sale in the cosmetics department at Macy’s. Swoop up you favorite brands. You will never see this at Sephora on major cosmetic brands.

Macy’s  is having a sale till December 19th, 2017. All cosmetics are  15% off  Lancome, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Mac and More.

Macy’s VIP sale is 30 percent off on designers that almost never go on sale.

Do you know about more sales? Please comment below.

Hot Fashion Styles 2016

It’s pretty obvious that these two go hand in hand. Take into consideration your hair color and play it up with a matching pair of shoes for an all out glam look for fall.Celebrity actress Christina Hendricks featured in stunning red hair. The Ralph and Russo shoes add glamor for an evening out on the town.



gold red shoes