Handbags and Shoes Micheal Kors Shopping Trip

Micheal Kors is stepping up its game with new amazing designs for 2017. We went shopping at Macy’s in Los Angeles and this was what we found. Lots of rich leather, and straps infused with metal for a bold look. We picked a few styles from the web that will add bold sparkle to your spring collection for spring fashion 2017.

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Some photos credit- https://www.flickr.com/photos/spera-designerschuhe

BEBE Closing Stores Amid Shopping Mall Havoc

BEBE  is planning to close twenty five of its retail stores. Store sales are slow and this is another example of retail chain stores rethinking their business models to stay alive. Another retailer facing massive competition from online sales and declining revenue.Gross margins did increase due to sales and big markdowns to move merchandise out of the stores.The chain will also decrease its store footage about 15%.

Do you think BEBE styles are enough to keep you still going to the store? Do you find that you are getting better deals online?  What do you think they could do to increase your likelihood to buy at their stores?

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/135504457@N06/26863344685