Victoria Secret to Close 53 Stores

Will angel wings take a step back on the runway? L Brands which owns the struggling Victoria’s Secret brand will be closing about 53 stores in 2019.

Women don’t want to be marketed to as sex objects anymore.

Women want to be respected for who they are, and not to be viewed as some type of persona for some man’s fantasy.

Sexy lingerie will always be a nice addition to any woman’s wardrobe, but women today are looking more for comfort that has an affordable price point.

Victoria’s Secret does not emphasize the large and plus size market for women. The advertising they portray is that of underweight, skinny models with almost unattainable looks for the average woman.

When a plus-size woman walks into a Victoria’s Secret store she does not have a lot of choices size wise. And, while she may want to attain a healthier weight at one point in her life, it can take many years or months to lose weight. The plus-size woman goes in and window shops, but would not bring any items to the register because nothing would fit.

Plus size clothing is an extremely popular segment in the clothing industry.

Brands need to step up and take notice. The plus size women niche is seriously undervalued within the under- garment industry.

One such company, Thirdlove is doing just that. They are paving the way how women want to be marketed to. Thirdlove offers 34 items among their product line, and has 74 sizes to choose from. The website offers bra sizing tips and educates their audience on how to choose the right fit.

Women want customization and it’s proving to be a great success.

They feature real life women of all ages and all body types in their advertising. Thirdlove has been successful in offering customers what Victoria Secret was not. They launched a return policy like no other. Customers were able to take the tags off the item, where it for 30 days, and return it – even if it didn’t work out for them. It’s lowered the return rate on items in the low double-digits.

Can Victoria Secret repair itself for the next wave of the online shopping experience? What do you want to see change in the way women are marketed to to buy clothing and accessories?

Bangs Are Back in Style – Hairstyles 2019

Bangs are back.It’s time to update your look for 2018. Layers framed around the face. We are not talking about thick heavy blunt bangs. Soft face-framing whispy layers at eye-level and beyond.

Yes, bangs can make you look younger. If your over 40 and you’re still supporting long hair past that underwire bra- and have no layers, your face is going to drag down.

Look below for the hottest bangs and layered styles for 2019.


Capture that Bridgett Bardot timeless look with defined eyes and light lips.


This style is perfect for heavy thicker hair that is straight.


The forehead is not visible. The layers above the eye add sophistication and drama. Looks great with the shimmery silver eyeshadow on lids.


This transformation to longer whispy bangs brightens up the face and gives hair more movement.

Do you have any tips on how to get these cuts? Comment below.

Evening fashion finds at Forever 21 for Fall


Forever 21 has just released trendy evening wear and accessories that look more expensive than the price.

Black patent leather, shiny metallic and white footwear are standouts for fall and winter fashion. Browns, cognac, rust and gray are perfect for fall fashion.

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20 Things Every Plus Size Fashionista Should Wear to Look Like a Celebrity.

 Oprah Winfrey’s Style Casual Elegance

Let’s start with Oprah. Oprah Winfrey looks great in just about anything from casual to all out glam, she does not miss a stitch.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Style Sexy All Around Curves Perfect At Every Angle. She is the lead star in Shades of Blue (TV series)

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Gabourey Sidibe Star of the Movie “Precious”

Nominated Oscar Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Precious (2009)
Her smile is as bold as her choice for standout prints that make a bold entrance.

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Taraji P. Henson Female lead star of the TV Show Empire

Taraji strikes a balance of ” I’ll wear anything as long as I can show it- Yeah! and I look classy. We always want to know what Taraji is going to show up in next on the TV Show ” Empire”

Viola Davis Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Fences (2016)

The dress she wore for her Oscar win was perfect.
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Melissa McCarthy Leading the way into our hearts with comedy.

Melissa imprints great style for her curves on the red carpet or attending a celebrity event. Melissa is currently coming out with two movies, Life of the Party (post-production) Deanna and 2018 Can You Ever Forgive Me? (post-production) Lee Israel
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Rebel Wilson a Brazen and Bold Talented Actress

Best known for movies “Pitch Perfect” and Brides Maids”-Rebel Wilson looks great in everything she wears. She has the sense for pairing pieces together that make every photo she takes look brilliant.

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Beth Ditto Known for her role in “The Ditto” directed by David Lunch.

Known for her role in “The Ditto” directed by David Lunch.
She has many credits to her name including being a writer for the TV Show “The Voice”

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Serena Williams Tennis Star Light up the Court with Color and Curve

No one else does it better wearing the latest sportswear from Nike.

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Model Ashely Graham

Ashley Graham has appeared in fashion magazines such as Elle. Vogue, Glamour and Harpers Bazaar. Ashley also appeared in a jeans campaign for Levis.

Embed from Getty Images
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English Television Personality Gemma Star Launches Plue Size Clothing Line

Cast member of the TV Show “The Only Way Is Essex”
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Stay tuned when we add more celebrity styles. Please share with your plus size friends who want to look like a celebrity.

Top Ten Creative Shoes For #Instaglam

These creative bold shoes are on the hot list for Spring  and Summer Shoes  in 2017. They are great with skinny jeans, short summer skirts and casual dresses. The shoe looks can be worn at the office, shopping, and all around fun time.

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