Lindsay Lohan’s Fashion Line Coming Soon: Poses on Instagram in a Head Scarf in Turkey.

Lindsay Lohan’s latest Instagram photo -“New fashion line coming soon,” as she poses in a head scarf . Her mother dispels the rumors are false. So many successful clothing lines are started by celebrities, it’a a sure bet if she does, she will have some exciting pieces to showcase.

Seen on her Instagram page she wears a  jeweled headscarf. Is she reaching for peace and equality or is she just attracting attention?  On her  recent visit to Turkey, she sates she wore the beautiful head scarf out of respect to the country and it’s religious practices.

Is Lindsay reaching for attention, or is she making a statement about the world today? Comment below on your feelings about immigration  and women in the world today from all races. Do you face inequality or racism? Let us know. If you story is interesting, we will write about it.

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