Victoria Secret to Close 53 Stores

Will angel wings take a step back on the runway? L Brands which owns the struggling Victoria’s Secret brand will be closing about 53 stores in 2019.

Women don’t want to be marketed to as sex objects anymore.

Women want to be respected for who they are, and not to be viewed as some type of persona for some man’s fantasy.

Sexy lingerie will always be a nice addition to any woman’s wardrobe, but women today are looking more for comfort that has an affordable price point.

Victoria’s Secret does not emphasize the large and plus size market for women. The advertising they portray is that of underweight, skinny models with almost unattainable looks for the average woman.

When a plus-size woman walks into a Victoria’s Secret store she does not have a lot of choices size wise. And, while she may want to attain a healthier weight at one point in her life, it can take many years or months to lose weight. The plus-size woman goes in and window shops, but would not bring any items to the register because nothing would fit.

Plus size clothing is an extremely popular segment in the clothing industry.

Brands need to step up and take notice. The plus size women niche is seriously undervalued within the under- garment industry.

One such company, Thirdlove is doing just that. They are paving the way how women want to be marketed to. Thirdlove offers 34 items among their product line, and has 74 sizes to choose from. The website offers bra sizing tips and educates their audience on how to choose the right fit.

Women want customization and it’s proving to be a great success.

They feature real life women of all ages and all body types in their advertising. Thirdlove has been successful in offering customers what Victoria Secret was not. They launched a return policy like no other. Customers were able to take the tags off the item, where it for 30 days, and return it – even if it didn’t work out for them. It’s lowered the return rate on items in the low double-digits.

Can Victoria Secret repair itself for the next wave of the online shopping experience? What do you want to see change in the way women are marketed to to buy clothing and accessories?