How to Get Stylish With Jeans for 2017

The jean trend this year is a little looser and ripped up. Casual, yet stylish is what jeans for 2017 are about. It’s what you are wearing with your jeans like the shoes, belts, sweaters, t-shirts and jewelry that can make or break the look you want to achieve. Check out these styles for what to wear this spring 2017.



3 Great Fall Looks to Piece Together Now

Fall is a great time of the year for hitting the stores to spice up our wardrobe. Transitioning from summer you need sweaters,  light wool scarves,skinny jeans, boots and a leather handbag top off the look. If you are starting from scratch to create a new wardrobe, eighteen pieces will complete the look.Stick with neutral colors, deep browns, burgundies, grays and taupe that will allow you to mix and match.