Why you should use press on nails and the dangers of acrylics and gel manicures

Why you should use press on nails and the dangers of acrylics and gels manicures.

Have you ever seen Jennifer Lopez without perfect nails in her performances?  Her nails often change designs and lengths from performances onstage at The American Music Awards, The Grammy’s and music videos. What’s her secret? She uses press on nails. The brands  J.Lo’s likes are  Static Nails and iikkonn.


 Many celebrities use  them because  they are quick, easy and safe to use. There is less damage to the nail than acrylics and virtually no chipping until you take them off.

Celebrity singer Beyonce gets press on nails. She proudly had her nails painted purple with KOBE on one hand and Gigi on the other. Such a caring gesture for the  for all those love and miss Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi. The famed nail artist who paints over Beyonce’s nails is named Lisa Logan. Her salon, The Nail Suite is located in Harlem, New York. Lisa also works with celebrities Katie Holmes and Pink.


Were you surprised your  nail  salon has raised prices due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Press on nails are a more affordable option than getting a traditional manicure every week or two. Nail press kits can be priced as low as five to $10. That’s quite a savings over the traditional manicure that can cost upwards of $50 or more.   

It’s a great idea to have a few sets of press on nails on hand because as we never know whether nail salons will again close at the last minute.   

With press on nails is that you can change your color and style anytime and you don’t have to wait for the next few weeks to get to your nail  salon. Press on nails are so versatile you can use them from a day look and then use a different set with a different color and design for an evening look on the same day.

Are Press on Nails Safe?

Let’s begin to observe what the traditional methods of fake nails do. The UV light used to set gel manicures, traditional manicures  and acrylic tips can be dangerous to the skin and cause cancer.  It’s a good idea  to apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to any UV treatment. The electric file that removes  these toxic critters on your nails can damage the nail plate and cuticle.

Those toxic odors you’re breathing in while your manicurist puts gel and glues on your nails are certainly not healthy. That alone makes is a good idea to wear a mask at the salon even when Covid-19 is not around anymore when opting for gel and acrylic nails.

Giving your nails a break from traditional manicures whether using gel or tips is a good idea. This allows the nails to breathe and heal. “Gel manicures can cause nail brittleness, peeling and cracking, and repeated use can increase the risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hands.” says the American Academy of Dermatology

 Still, there are concerns with press on nails, but the advantages are far less dangerous then other gel and tip manicures. Some of the concerns would be the actual glue adhesive that is under the press on nail to attach it to the nail bed. When removing the nail from the natural nail their can be issues where some superficial layers of nail cells occur. What  appears as  white spots on the nail is called keratin granulation. Don’t worry, they can be removed with light buffing.

If you’re trying to naturally grow your nails long and strong it’s a good idea to give traditional manicures that includes gel or acrylic nail tips a break. You also have to consider the damage that can be done with many of the nail polishes on the market today. They contain chemicals that can leach into the nail bed an weaken the nail.

“Toluene is linked to short-term problems like headaches, confusion, fatigue, and eye, nose, and throat irritation. In the long-term, toluene is associated with impacts like kidney and liver damage, reproductive harm, and developmental toxicity.” Source: Madesafe.org

Formaldehyde is frequently used in nail polish. In fact, up to nail hardeners include formaldehyde concentrations of up to 5%, while nail polish can go up to 0.5%.  Source: ZME Science

Dibutyl Phthalate, a commonly used plasticizer, exposure has been linked to nausea and irritated eyes, skin, nose, mouth, and throat. Source: ZME Science

Try an organic nail polish available on the market today. Give them a try even if they are more expensive if you are concerned about allergies and your health.

Final Note- You can add designs over your press on nails and polish over them if you like. Stay safe and healthy with press on nails.

Update– Press on nails should not be worn for long periods of time. They do not seal on to the nail bed like gels and tips. Water can seep in which can cause bacteria in the nail if left on for days. It’s important to only wear them for short periods of time.

La Mer vs. Nivea: You Won’t Believe This

Both of the La Mer and Nivea Soft creme do improve softness and give long lasting moisture and suppleness to ones skin. La Mer claims to free of parabens and pithalates. Both cremes have a very smooth silky lightweight texture and are best for normal to dry skin.

The ingredients for ” Nivea Soft Creme” are-Water, Glycerin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Myristyl Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat., Stearic Acid, Myristyl Myristate, Cera Microcristallina, Glyceryl Stearate, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lanolin Alcohol (Eucerit®), Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate, Dimethicone, Sodium Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Linalool, Citronellol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate, Fragrance.

Nivea Soft Nemlendirici Bakım Kremi 300Ml|Scrubs & Bodys ...

Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer is a dermatologically tested moisturizing for all skin types. Nivea Soft is created using a unique formulation where water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion is created instead of an oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion. It is enriched with Vitamin E and jojoba oil, which go deep into the skin and turn it into a fresh, soft, smooth and healthy-looking one.

Skinsafe.com has given the creme a positive rating-SkinSAFE has reviewed the ingredients of Nivea Soft Refreshingly Light Moisturizing Creme, 6.8 oz and found it to be 91% Top Allergen Free and free of Gluten, Nickel, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, MCI/MI, Topical Antibiotic, Paraben, Soy, and Propylene Glycol. Product is Teen Safe.

The ingredients for La Mer are-Algae (Seaweed) Extract, Mineral Oil\Paraffinum Liquidum\Huile Minerale, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Isohexadecane, Microcrystalline Wax\Cera Microcristallina\Cire Microcristalline, Lanolin Alcohol, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Extract, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Powder, Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) Seed Powder, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seedcake, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Seed Meal, Sodium Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate, Magnesium Sulfate, Paraffin, Tocopheryl Succinate, Niacin, Water\Aqua\Eau, Beta-Carotene, Decyl Oleate, Aluminum Distearate, Octyldodecanol, Citric Acid, Cyanocobalamin, Magnesium Stearate, Panthenol, Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Citronellol, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Sodium Benzoate, Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Parfum)

La Mer claims that their creme contains Miracle Broth that is a cosmetic ingredient used in the manufacture of non-medicated skin care preparations. The term is a trademark but we do not know what it is because it is a secret formula.The alchohol it contains in its creme is Acetylated lanolin alcohol (sometimes known as sheep alcohol, lanolin alcohol, or wool alcohol) is a non-drying organic compound produced from lanolin, the fat of wool shearings, which has been reacted with acetic acid and a small amount of lye.

Yes, there is petrolatum in La Mer but Nivea Soft has denatured alcohol which can be drying. Upon testing the creme I experienced no dryness with my already dry skin.

A good thing about Nivea Soft is that you can use it on the face, neck and body. La Mer is too expensive for that for the average gal. So I think Nivea Soft is going to be the choice here. And, La Mer ranges in price from $180 to $510.00 depending on the size you get. Nivea Creme ranges from about $5.95 in Target to $7-9 at CVS.

Get a sample of La Mer and compare the two. We want to hear your experience in the comments below.

The Best Beauty Rewards Programs for 2020

It’s a New Year and there are lots of new products to try and earn rewards from your favorite stores.  So you ask, what’s in it for me?

If you’re on the hunt for new products to make you happier and more beautiful, below are the best beauty reward programs for 2020.

Your get tremendous saving on beauty brands you love, and the ones that have yet to get discovered.

Let’s start with Sephora.

Sephora has become a hotspot for new brands coming to market. Much of the skin care offerings new on Sephora shelves are skin care products with organic ingredients. It seems as if every time you walk into Sephora, there’s a new skincare and makeup line waiting just for you.

 After all, a new year also brings a fresh new face.

Of course, with any reward program, the more you spend, the more you get. If you’re a free “Beauty Insider” you get one point for every dollar spent and three choices for your birthday gift. All tiers get the Rewards Bazaar where on limited quantity specials.

 For the VIB program you earn 1.25 for every dollar spent. You get three birthday gift choices instead of just one in the Insider tier.

 The Rouge program offers 1.5 points for every dollar you spend. Plus, With the Rouge program you get full size products. The seasonal savings that come with the top-level Rouge program offers year round discounts. Rouge members can exchange 2500 points for $100 to spend at Sephora. The Rouge program and the VIP program offer four choices for your birthday gift every year. The Insider program allows three choices for your birthday gift.

Points don’t expire at Sephora- they just keep accumulating.

New to Sephora, is the Sephora credit card by Visa. You earn 15% off your first purchase when you open the card. What’s great about this card is that you get 4% cash back in rewards each time you make a purchase at Sephora.

 Shopping outside of Sephora?  You’ll earn 1% cash back on all your purchases. Once you spend $500 outside of the Sephora store you’ll earn a $20 Sephora credit card reward. You’ll have to wait 90 days from approval, but that gives you plenty of time to rack up points.

 We did notice something on the Sephora website about their credit cards offerings. There are two cards, a Sephora card, and a Sephora Visa card. Yes, there is the difference. With the Sephora Visa card you’ll get all the benefits like zero reliability, tap-to-pay, auto rental coverage, and roadside dispatch (wow that’s a nice perk.) With both cards you’ll still get 15% off the first purchase, no annual fee, and 1% back in rewards on purchases outside of Sephora.

Sally’s Beauty

Sally’s Beauty has a quick way to redeem Rewards. You’ll be welcomed when first signing up with $5 making a purchase in the first month visiting Sally’s Beauty.

For every $50 you spend you earn $5. The preferred program has you earning $1 that equals 10 Beauty marks right away. Once you spend up to $200 in a calendar year you’ll become an Elite, earning 1.5 remarks for every dollar.

Both programs offer custom color consult, exclusive savings and deals when you subscribe to their email list. For purchases made during your birthday month, you receive a $5 reward and double beauty marks. Elite status earns you free shipping on all orders, and a special end-of-year reward for you. In order to keep your Elite status, you’ll need to re-qualify calendar year. 

Ulta Beauty Rewards

For every dollar you spend with Ulta you earn one point called Ulta Rewards. All year long Ulta offers bonus points that are only available if you sign up for email promotions. Points are also redeemable for beauty services, not just products, and they’re good for one calendar year.

You don’t have to sign up for email to get rewards. When you’re in the store, Type in Ulta coupon on your phones, and you’ll get a pop up for the coupon to use at the register for $3.50 off a purchase for $15 or more.

Some of the big-name skin care lines and hair care may not qualify for various discounts. Always ask at the register when shopping in the store.

Ulta Beauty Rewards Offers Three Tiers.

Member Status

Shop and earn points for every dollar you spend. On your birthday you get twice the amount of points, and a free birthday gift.

Platinum Rewards

If you spend $500 in a calendar year, you qualify for the Platinum Rewards program. You’ll get a free birthday gift, a $10 birthday coupon, and your points will never expire.

When you spend $1200 you are eligible for Diamond status. You get everything offered with Platinum rewards and qualify for a $25 reward card once a year, and free shipping on orders over $25.00

MAC Lover Loyalty Program

Are you a Mac lover?  At level one you’ll get special seasonal offers, and a BACK-TO-M∙A∙C EXPANDED PLUS TRACKER. Not too sure what a BACK-TO-M∙A∙C EXPANDED PLUS TRACKER is? You return your empty products that were used and return to the store.  Once you qualify to return up to six primary packages you’ll qualify for a complimentary back to Mac product such as a free MAC lipstick, or single eyeshadow of your choice. MAC is about helping save the planet by recycling plastic. Once you make this exchange, your complimentary products are final sale with no returns or exchanges. But it’s so worth it.

 Stepping up to Devoted status Level 2, you’ll get everything level one offers and more. Level 2 offers free makeup services from 30 to 60 minutes. You’re notified about   new products and upcoming new collections and collaborations.

 Once you spend $500 or more you have qualified for Level 3 Devoted status.  Benefits include everything the other ties offer, plus free 2-day shipping and exclusive invites to MAC events. Memberships expire after two years if you have not redeemed or made any purchases during that time.

CVS Extra Care Beauty Club

The CVS beauty rewards program offers coupons for your favorite brands. You don’t have to rack up points and wait for things to happen just to get a small sample. The more you buy the more coupons you get. Sometimes you get surprised with the a CVS coupons for 25% and 40% off purchases. You’ll still get perks on beauty purchases.

 For every $50 you spend you get a $5.As soon as you sign up you’ll get 10% off your first purchase. Get $3 Extra Bucks Rewards every time you spend $30 on Beauty. Those extra bucks can be redeemed on anything at CVS. You also get free samples. It pays to get friendly with your beauty advisor and CVS. They can hook you up with some samples on some of the higher end beauty brands not advertised.

Become a Bloomingdale’s Loyalist

Can you believe there’s actually a discount you can get on beauty products like Chanel?

Yes, it’s true. You can reward yourself with a discount on big expensive beauty brands like Chanel, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Le Mer, YSL, Marc Jacobs, and more.

Get on this fabulous email list and start spending and earning rewards. For every dollar you spend you’ll get one point.

Once you reach 5000 points you’ll get a $25 reward card. Sign up for their email list to get a perk of the month offer sent to you each month. Once you sign-up, you’ll get exclusive events that offer double and triple power points. What else is great about this program? You get free shipping with no minimum purchase required.

Wait! There’s more.  Loyalist members get a $25 cash back card when they spend $150 at Bloomingdales (offers are subject to change). There’s opportunities to take 20% off when you spend up to $199 and that goes up to 25% off when you spend 200 to $499. Get 30% off when you spend $500 or more. You need to watch your inbox daily for these deals as they are subject to change.  Go ahead and treat yourself to those Jimmy Choo shoes, then go by your favorite skincare or beauty product at a discount with your Bloomingdale’s Loyalist rewards.

Nordstrom’s – Nordy Club

With every dollar you spend at Nordstrom’s you’ll earn one point. Want to get a quick 40 bucks? Apply for the Nordstrom’s credit card and you’ll get that $40 bonus note ready to be used right away.

 The credit card gives instant access to insider benefits, such as early access to anniversary sales and the first chance to shop “Clear the Rack.”

 Need alterations? No problem. Exclusive card member benefits include a hundred dollars towards alterations. And, points are earned three times fast toward Nordstrom’s notes.

Once you earn 2,000 points you’ll get a $20 reward that will automatically be added to your account. For every 500 points earned you get $5, you’ll earn $10 every 1,000points, and $15 every 1,500 points.

Birch Box

Wouldn’t you love a beauty surprise delivered to you every month? Birch Box offers prestigious brands that are customized just for you.

You’ll get a dollar in points for every $10 you spend. We’re always searching for the next best thing in beauty, and Birch Box helps find our favorites by getting samples we are just dying to try. Birch Box is a great way to check out new products when you don’t want to commit to buying something right away because you think it may be too expensive. You can earn points when giving a gift subscription. When referring a friend, you’ll earn 100 points equal to $10 for if they sign up. You can even earn points by leaving reviews.


SmashBox is one of the hottest makeup brands around. It has a fabulous rewards program and you can earn 15% off your first purchase when signing up. You’ll also get additional discounts throughout the year. You start off with 50 points that equal $5 to use when you sign up. You’ll get exclusive access to private promotions, a birthday gift, and an anniversary gift. All tiers allow you to pay with points.

For Level 1 FAB subscribers (spend up to $75), you’ll get two free samples with an order and a point for every dollar spent.

Level 2 FIERCE subscribers you get you three samples for every order (spend from $75-$250). Three free samples with every order and free 2-day shipping when you spend $60 and more.

For Level 3 FEARLESS subscribers, you get  free shipping on any order that’s $90 and up, free gift wrapping, a bigger birthday and anniversary gift, a special mega gift, and VIP concierge service.

Pop Fashion News gives new updates every year about Beauty Rewards. Please follow us to get the latest information on all things beauty, fashion, design and more.

Women love their gel manicures but are they safe?

Any type of UVA rays can be harmful to the skin causing cancer. Repeated use of UVA light that is required to set the gel manicures could be dangerous. Gel manicures require extra doses of UV light in order to set the gel.

The lamps used to set the gel are LED lamps. UVA rays penetrate the skin more than UVB rays. These types of lamps used to cure the gel are a lot more intense then a regular UV lamp. They are also more intense than rays from the Sun. LED lights still emit UVA rays that could be damaging to your health. Exposure to the UVA light over time can be harmful.

Things To Watch Out For

Every Salon is different as far as how long your nails will be exposed to the LED light box when setting your nails in to dry and seal the gel.

Prior to your hands entering the light box you should cover your hands with a good dose sunscreen with a spectrum of 50 plus. Consider buying fingerless sun protective gloves that have a UPF of 50.

Women that are super sensitive to UV light and have brittle nails should stay away from gel manicure. Since the gel is deeply hardened on the nails, when it comes time for removal there is a possibility that the nail can be detached from the nailbed. It’s imperative that a licensed manicurist remove the gel manicure safely as not to cause harm to the nail bed.

We all know that tanning beds are really bad for your skin and can cause skin cancer. Getting a gel manicure that uses the LED lightbox to set your gel is like a tanning bed for your hands.

A 2014 study in Jama Dermatology concluded the level of UV exposure when getting a gel manicure approximately every two weeks isn’t going to increase the risk of skin cancer significantly. Women should be cognizant of the issues of potential skin cancer risks.

Beware of Home Manicure Gel Kits

One should also caution to the use of home kits for gel manicures. This type of manicure should be performed only by a licensed manicurist.

A good salon will use nail polish that specifically works with the proper tools to remove the gel from the nail.

It is best to get a gel manicure at the salon. The manicurist will know how long you should stay under the UV light in order to get the gel to set properly. Using a home UV light box is risky if not used by a trained and certified esthetician. The risk of staying under the light too long in a home can harm your health.

Photo: Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Beauty and The Corona Virus

Alert: When shopping for beauty products in stores, it is important to only buy things that are kept behind the counter because they are sealed and packaged.

Stores like Sephora are taking extra precautions such as cancelling all beauty services and using hospital grade disinfectants. Because their stock is out on the shelves, you never know who’s hands dipped into the products.

1st and foremost, do not sample any products!

This global pandemic is serious and make sure you do not share your cosmetics with anyone.

Clean all of your current collection of cosmetics immediately. If purchasing a product of any kind, from water bottles to cosmetics, wipe things down with 90 percent alcohol- especially anything you buy from the supermarket that goes into the fridge.

Be safe, stay healthy.

Victoria Secret Cancels Fashion Show

Image result for victoria secret"

Cleavage, full lips and swinging hips lost its luster for Victoria Secret.

The annual fashion show will be cancelled this year. L Brands which owns Victoria Secret has been under pressure as the brand sees competition from American Eagle’s Aerie brand. Dozens of Victoria’s Secret stores will close this year.

L Brands is not without controversy. Leslie Wexner, CEO of L Brands had close ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The New York Post reported in their article”Epstein used Wexner’s link to Victoria’s Secret to recruit young women by promising them modeling jobs with the brand.”

The company has not embraced plus size women and transgender models and audiences. 

LEd Razek, VS’s former chief marketing officer, made said we don’t want  plus-size models on their runway or transgender models.  That certainly put the LBGT community in a spin.

L Brands Inc
17.81 USD +0.65 (3.79%)
Nov 22, 12:56 PM EST

Photo Credit:Author Samantha M

Bali Women’s Plus Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes, Black, X-Large

The Latest Retail Gossip

Kohl’s Department Store and Facebook

Could Facebook be selling its data on millennials to Kohl’s? The department store struck up a deal with Facebook to begin in 2020 to help it sell clothing and home accessories. With the help of Facebook it will be able to identify what a particular market segment is looking for.  The project is called Curated by Kohl’s collection and will introduce new and emerging brands.

Chanel Has A Moment

Amongst all the protests and uncertainty in Hong Kong this past week, Chanel is rethinking its appearance of its cruise show. The show is set to be rescheduled for November 6th 2020 in the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.  A final decision is yet to be made, so stay tuned if you plan on traveling to Hong Kong.

Avenue Plus Size Clothing

Bye-Bye to Avenue stores. They are planning on closing 222 stores are after filing for Bankruptcy. The reason for the liquidation is decreasing mall traffic, online competition, and other apparel that is heavily discounted at outlet stores.  Avenue will be selling off its e-commerce divisions, Avenue.com and Loralette.com. Avenue was originally a spinoff of The Limited Brand. Plus size ladies will have no problem finding plus size clothing at Nordstroms Rack, Marshall’s and T.J. Max online and offline.

Shopping Apps and Your Data Security

A recent study shows only 12% of shoppers are using apps to buy retail merchandise according  to the findings of the PYMNTS and LISNR report entitled “Which Apps Do They Want?” One of the reasons the percentage comes in so low is data security.  Eight out of ten retail consumers have either Amazon, Target or Walmart on their phones.

Revlon No More?

 The largest shareholder, holding company MacAndrews & Forbes, is open to selling the iconic brand and is looking into a sale. Competition is heating up for the Revlon brand as drugstores such as CVS, Rite Aid. and Walgreens that sell Revlon are expanding into new and upcoming brands for beauty to attract more customers to the stores. Competition is fierce and Revlon has not done to much to enhance its brand identity.

Donna Karan And Kenneth Cole

Legendary Donna Karan New York based designer is teaming up with Kenneth Cole to design shoes. She will be working with craftsmen form Haiti. Many of you know that Kenneth Cole closed all of their retail stores but still thrives online at www. https://www.kennethcole.com/

Desperate Retailers?

Mall space vacancy is up. Stores are liquidating and filing bankruptcy. Many brands are reinventing the wheel to stay afloat. Heck, Macy’s and J.C Penny is even forging head on selling used merchandise to customers in its partnership with ThredUp, the largest second hand clothing store. Consumers can purchase these items in the brick- and -mortar stores. After all, Ebay is still a great success and consumers swoop up hot deals on used designer clothing. We all love a great bargain and now you can touch and feel the hunt at these department stores offering used merchandise.

Banana Republic is launching a subscription service called “Style Passport”. The monthly subscription fee is $85   The services includes the purchase of three garments, and free priority shipping.  You can make as many exchanges and returns as you want. Free laundering services are also a perk.

Any retail news or experiences you want to share? Leave a comment. Please share this article on your own blog and social media. To share on your own blog please give credit to the URL https://popfashionnewsblog.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/the-latest-retail-gossip/ .

Home Improvement Tips- Small Closet Space Tips For The Working Woman

Organizing your closet is the best place to start when it’s time to think about spring cleaning. Save time with these helpful tips to clear clutter.

A few days ago you knew you had an early morning meeting at the office with some clients and the boss to close a big deal. You usually plan your outfits in advance to know what you will wear.

You jump in the shower, get out, reach for your hair dryer and it breaks. You frantically run next door to borrow one from a neighbor. You’re already stressed for running off schedule.

 You walk into your closet and say- “Where the hell is that dress I wanted to wear?

There’s nothing worse than not finding the outfit in your closet for a special occasion, especially in the morning when you’re pressed for time.

You have so many clothes scrunched together on those skinny wire hangers you got from the cleaners. You get confused and stressed every time you look in your closet.

Organizing all the clothes in your closet according to their colors, you’ll easily find the items you’re looking for.

What’s the easy way to organize my closet space to find things easier?

Organize the closet rack with color-coded hangers. You’ll be able to distinguish between work clothes, weekend, and evening clothes.

Invest in white wood hangers.

For example, if you have that favorite black dress that you know you going to need to pull out next week place it on a hanger that is the opposite color of the actual item. To make the item easily viewable, place a black dress on a white hanger within the row of other black dresses using black hangers. A red satin hanger is also a standout color among other black hangers.

Be creative and block sections with different color hangers.

If you have a lot of space but everything looks like a disaster, purchase larger, thick hangers to organize your space. The clothes will be more separated and will be easier to find.

If you don’t have a lot of space, slimmer but sturdy hangers are recommended. Purchase a double hanging rod to maximize hanging space.

Bulky sweaters on hangers are a no-no. They take us too much space. Folding thick sweaters over the hanger takes is a space saver no- no. You can’t see the sweater at the top of the hanger for easy retrieval.

Buy a shoe organizer stackable bin and use it to store sweaters. What’s so great about this idea? You prevent stretching your sweaters. Hanging sweaters on hangers stretches them and makes them look old.

Purses take up a ton of space on a shelf-even when hanging. For purses you don’t use often consider under the bed storage in airtight sealed storage boxes. If you don’t have under the bed storage, consider buying a small three drawer night stand. Purses will be kept out of the dust. You can even make the nightstand into a makeup table with a mirror.

If you must store purses in your closet, think vertical instead of wide. Slim stacking bins can be labeled for each brand, style, and color.

Now that you have cleared up the top shelf space, buy clear plastic shoe bins and place on the top shelves. It’s a good idea to keep a small foldable step up ladder for hard to reach areas.The one below folds up thin and stores easily. Door hanging shoe organizers are also a space saver.

Behind the door organizers are great for scarves, jewelry, lingerie and socks. Door hanging shoe organizers are also a space saver.

If you have a walk in closet, place your favorites in season items towards the front to prevent digging on the back.

Conclusion- If you haven’t worn it in two years, it’s time to say goodbye. Donate it,or sell it on Poshmark and Ebay.

Victoria Secret to Close 53 Stores

Will angel wings take a step back on the runway? L Brands which owns the struggling Victoria’s Secret brand will be closing about 53 stores in 2019.

Women don’t want to be marketed to as sex objects anymore.

Women want to be respected for who they are, and not to be viewed as some type of persona for some man’s fantasy.

Sexy lingerie will always be a nice addition to any woman’s wardrobe, but women today are looking more for comfort that has an affordable price point.

Victoria’s Secret does not emphasize the large and plus size market for women. The advertising they portray is that of underweight, skinny models with almost unattainable looks for the average woman.

When a plus-size woman walks into a Victoria’s Secret store she does not have a lot of choices size wise. And, while she may want to attain a healthier weight at one point in her life, it can take many years or months to lose weight. The plus-size woman goes in and window shops, but would not bring any items to the register because nothing would fit.

Plus size clothing is an extremely popular segment in the clothing industry.

Brands need to step up and take notice. The plus size women niche is seriously undervalued within the under- garment industry.

One such company, Thirdlove is doing just that. They are paving the way how women want to be marketed to. Thirdlove offers 34 items among their product line, and has 74 sizes to choose from. The website offers bra sizing tips and educates their audience on how to choose the right fit.

Women want customization and it’s proving to be a great success.

They feature real life women of all ages and all body types in their advertising. Thirdlove has been successful in offering customers what Victoria Secret was not. They launched a return policy like no other. Customers were able to take the tags off the item, where it for 30 days, and return it – even if it didn’t work out for them. It’s lowered the return rate on items in the low double-digits.

Can Victoria Secret repair itself for the next wave of the online shopping experience? What do you want to see change in the way women are marketed to to buy clothing and accessories?

Best Tips for Local Travel

The best travel experiences happen you take the road less traveled.

Local residents can offer insights about places to visit for tourists. Locals usually frequent places you normally may not find with a traditional expensive travel tour group. You can make new friends, which will make your trip more memorable.

When heading out to see the sights, head down to the local coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone. Ask about places of interest for tourists they can recommend within the local community.

Instead of staying in a big hotel, book your accommodations with companies like Airbnb and Home Away for those desiring an authentic travel experience by staying off the beat and path in a local neighborhood. If you’re traveling with a small group, renting a house makes accommodations more affordable.

Twitter and Instagram can be helpful to network with others who have travelled to your destination locally. Instagram’s enticing photos may give you secret destinations you never knew existed. Twitter, Yelp and Facebook lets you see reviews of other traveler’s experiences.

Remember to think about safety when traveling to new areas by asking your hotel’s concierge, or Embassy the places that are safe for tourists to visit. Keep your valuables in view, be aware of your surroundings, and stay alert. It’s a good idea to register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) with the Embassy if you are traveling from the USA.  Let your friends and loved ones know where you are at all times during your trip.

Stay safe and have a wonderful trip.